Stage 4 - COVID19

Customer Update

What do you need to know?

On behalf of Steve, Robyn, Chrissie & The Team at Staged Homes, 

We have crated this update page to keep our Customers and Real Estate Agents informed of any changes to our business practices and procedures under Stage 4 Restrictions.

Stage 4 restrictions will impact all of our clients in the Melbourne Metropolitan areas from Mid Night Wednesday 5th of August.

Our team are constantly being updated with information as it comes to hand from the Australian Government Health Department and the Victorian Local Government as well as our own monitoring of local media communications.

To ensure we comply with the direction of the Local Government, the following changes will to our day to day operations and come into effect from Mid Night Wednesday 5th of August. 

Installation of Staging will be suspended for 6 weeks. We expect to recommence installs again from Monday 21st of September. 

Collection of Stages from homes that have sold and will settle prior to the end of the 6 weeks, we will be collecting by a removals team under a Covid Worksafe plan. 

Quotes for Staging we can still provide a quote for staging providing we can do this remotely prior to the 21st of September. We understand that many homeowners will now be holding off selling until Stage 4 restrictions are lifted, but you can begin your preparation work now.

Call us on 1300 719 280 or contact us via our website to begin the process of getting a quote for staging your property.

We will be ready to serve our clients again with installations from the 21st of September onwards.

During Stage 4 we will continue to be available:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

Call Us On: 1300 719 280

Email Us On:

SMS Us On: 0433 831 212

Below are a list of questions and concerns we have put together that directly relates to staging and Stage 4.

Kindest regards, 

Steve, Robyn, Chrissie & The Team

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Should I consider Postponing or Cancelling my Staging install? 

We have communicated with our clients who have installations booked and pencilled in beyond the 5th of August and have provided alternative dates beyond the 21st of September for installation.

Please keep us updated if your dates change and we will be in regular communication closer to your new install date to confirm arrangements remain the same. 

Please also work closely with your real estate agent to discuss your campaign timeline and let us know of any changes to dates and arrangements. 

FAQ: What if my house is currently staged and I can't show anyone through? 

We will be applying rental extensions to ALL of our clients who currently have furniture installed in their properties during Stage 4 restrictions.

Whilst some of the rules for the real estate industry around stage 4 restrictions are grey, our company view is:

"If prospective buyers cannot make an appointment to view your property in person and / or travel more than 5km to view your property, we think it is an unfair position for you to incur additional rental costs during this time."

Over the coming days we will be adding up to 6 weeks of additional FREE rental to all clients who are currently staged during Stage 4.

You don't need to do anything.... we will update invoices and rental agreements and communicate that to you soon. 

FAQ: What is my house sells during Stage 4? 

We do anticipate there will still be a number of homes sold during Stage 4, homes that have already been inspected, some buyers will buy sight unseen and / or sign up a property subject to a successful inspection after the 21st of September.

Please let us know as soon as you go "under contract" and again when your contract goes "unconditional" and proposed date of settlement. We do have removalists who will be available to collect but we do need to plan these well in advance and ensure we have a COVID Safe Work plan in place before removing furniture from a property. 

FAQ: Do I need to do anything to the furniture in my property during Stage 4? 

We ask that you help us to preserve the condition of the furniture in your home where possible.

Here are few tips on how you can help us achieve this, before moving anything alway take your own photos of of how things look BEFORE you move them incase you need to reposition them again in the future.

  • Cushion's for Outdoor Settings - move into a dry secure area.
  • Sun Fading - is one the greatest challenges for a staging company and reduces the longevity of stock, if you could please draw any blinds or curtains to keep the sun off the furniture would be greatly appreciated. If you don't have blinds or curtains please do call us on 1300 719 280 and we can talk you through alternate solutions specific to your property. 
  • We recommend you do not move any furniture without first contacting us to prevent any damage to the furniture or your property.

FAQ: Are there alternatives to face to face meetings for getting a Quote? 

You actually don't need to be at the property for us to gather the information we need to complete a quote and stage your home. We just need to 'detail' a property.

Detailing means gathering photos and measurements of internal rooms. We also need photos of of the colour and type of flooring, walls, blinds, tap ware, fixtures and fittings etc. 

  • Floor Plan Quotes - we love a floor plan quote, if you have a copy of your floor plan because your built the property or an old floor plan from a previous listing when you purchased the property (most still appear online on old marketing campaigns). Our quote are compiled based on the types of rooms in the home and itemised accordingly. A floor plan quote will be 99% accurate and we will guarantee the quote price as long as all the rooms appear on the floor plan. 
  • Face-Time and Walkthroughs - with the evolution of technology a walk through and some photos of the home is a really easy way for us to see the flow, size and scale of a home and can prepare a quote based off virtual walkthrough and a few photos. Contact our office and we will guide you through the best solution. 
  • Sketch a Floor Plan & send us photos & videos - not for the faint hearted, but we do have some regular clients who like to draw up a basic floor plan of the rooms, window positions, layouts and basic measurements of walls (they don't have to super accurate) and then label each room Eg. Main Bedroom, Double Bed 1, 2, 3, Lounge etc and then take 3 - 4 photos of each room and label them the same. Upload it all to a dropbox or google drive folder and share it with us. This does take a lot of time for you, but some vendors and agents are happy to assist. A great activity to do whilst we have all of this time on our hands.

In summary, we are here to support you and your agent to sell your property faster and for more money through deliberate and targeted staging.

We will update this page from time to time, you can find us linked to our home page at

If you have more questions....

Contact Us: 

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm 

Call Us On: 1300 719 280

Email Us On: 

SMS Us On: 0433 831 212

We wish you and your families all the very best during this situation and most of all stay safe.